Down the rabbit hole

Went down the rabbit hole this evening, starting from a post on CDM

My friend Martin turned me onto this David Sylvian album when we were young, and listening to some of the raw stuff triggered bits of memory. I didn’t know he came out of the band Japan, and the Bryan Ferry/Eno/”My Life in the Bush of Ghosts”… connections. When I did music, I used to listen to Jon Hassell and Holger Czukay, both in this video (I didn’t remember that they were part of this album!) so off I go to find them. Czukay died, I find, in 2017, and there’s pointers to things like this

which I’d never heard, nor that he was a student of Stockhausen (I think everyone ended up being related to Stockhausen, eventually). Memories of Can, and Sylvian, and Roedelius and all. Nice way to spend a couple of hours.

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