Monthly Archives: March 2017

Vilification of Sebastian Gorka

The baying for the resignation of Gorka is illegitimate.  The trigger was the claim of membership in a historically pro-Nazi organization by one of it’s members, a claim denied by Gorka, his appearance in public with a Hungarian medal on his chest and a rummaging through his parents’ past.

These are dangerously insufficient reasons to sack an individual.  What better way to smear someone whose views you dislike than by claiming he’s a fellow traveler (as I recall, this happened frequently in the McCarthy era)?  As for the medal, I’ve worn in public a Soviet-era border guard medal that I picked up in the former Eastern Bloc, but I don’t claim it to indicate anything about my political views.  I’ve seen lots of people wearing Soviet kitsch without being accused of being reactionaries.  Finally, guilt-by-association, while a great rhetorical device for manipulating opinion, is not a valid argument.

Investigate, by all means.  Ask the man for his views, and vilify him for answers you don’t agree with.  Be wary, and skeptical of his pronouncements.  Publicize any bigoted, racist polemic that he utters, and call him on it.  But you can’t call for his resignation without good cause, and inuendo is not good enough.  There are plenty of other Trump appointees that have already done more than enough to be turfed from office.