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A Modest Suggestion

States with Stand-Your-Ground laws from the Christian Science Monitor

I didn’t realize that WA had one of these bad-idea laws, which seem to lead directly to vigilantism where the victim is primarily black, and the perpetrator white. Perhaps the way to point out how destructive the laws are is to encourage arming the victims, who surely by now have a reasonable expectation that simply retreating will not prevent death or harm. If I were a young black man and a crazy white man started yelling at me, I’d feel more threatened than if it were the other way around, given the history.

My colleague and former boss died

Paul FELTON Obituary – Auckland City, Auckland | New Zealand Herald.

Paul hired me while I was in school in Auckland, and got me to move to the US.  We worked together for 20 years, on and off, and he was best man at my wedding 30 years ago this month.

We lost touch after he moved back to NZ, but as I said in the public condolence, he was a warm, decent guy, great sense of humor and love of life, always curious about the next new thing.  It’s a nice thing to be able to work with a guy like him for such a big chunk of your professional life.