Monthly Archives: May 2017

This is America

Reading a Guardian article about the fracas in MT between the Republican candidate and the journalist, and once again come across the handwringing and the line “This is not America”. I’m getting tired of this. This is America. This is not a small, aberant, shameful minority. This is a large group of loud, foul mouthed, bullying, ignorant people who have been empowered to express clearly who they are and what they think, and they don’t express themselves by writing op-eds in the paper. They yell, and they beat you up if they think you’re weak. This is the country we live in, these are the people we live with. Pretending that they’re unrepresentative is wishful thinking. Trump won half the damn country, people.

The most impassioned advocacy for basic income I’ve read

Cutting the Gordian Knot of Technological Unemployment with Unconditional Basic Income

He glosses over implementation and evidentiary details, and makes plenty of unchallenged assertions, but makes a case for the severing of the relationship between paid work and survival. Does a nice job decimating the gig economy, too.