Monthly Archives: April 2018

So, I’m sitting at my computer diligently earning money on a Friday when the sun is out, and there’s a heavy “thump” on the roof.  Shelley looks at me with alarm, and goes outside to see what’s up.  Nothing obvious; we go back to what we were doing. Then Shelley fires up the mower and goes to mow the lawn.  Disturbs a few frogs, finds a birds nest, clears twigs and … she finds a dead fish.  On the lawn.


Theory is: one of our resident raptors was fishing the lake, and dropped it from a great height onto our roof, where it bounced off into the grass.

Irony and synergy

Two stories back to back on the news tonight: a piece about public caning in Indonesia, ending with a note that the UN Commission on Human Rights regards public caning as torture and calls for it to be banned.

Followed with unintended irony (maybe) by a piece on an octogenarian put to death by some state here in the US. No mention of the UN calling for banning capital punishment as inhumane, which of course they do.

Good thing we are so much more enlightened than those theocratic third world states.