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How Tesla Will Change The World – Wait But Why

How Tesla Will Change The World – Wait But Why.

Wait But Why is an interesting site, the fruit of Tim Urban’s drive to understand and “unfuzz” the arguments around the big discussions going on.  Turns out Elon Musk reads it, and wanted Urban to unfuzz the arguments around what he was doing.

This article is about electric cars: why we’re where we are, why they’re important, how Tesla is forcing the issue and why it needs to be forced.  Long, but worthwhile, read.  The guy writes with a sense of humour, too 🙂

A bit of truth.

As the engineer and writer Alex Payne put it, these startups represent “the field offices of a large distributed workforce assembled by venture capitalists and their associate institutions,” doing low-overhead, low-risk R&D for five corporate giants. In such a system, the real disillusionment isn’t the discovery that you’re unlikely to become a billionaire; it’s the realization that your feeling of autonomy is a fantasy, and that the vast majority of you have been set up to fail by design.

From “One Startup’s Stuggle to Survive the Silicon Valley”, Wired magazine,

Impressions of Donald Trump, by a random Kiwi

Timeline Photos – Occupy Democrats | Facebook.

The quote works equally well if you replace the word “America” with “Australia”.  This is how we feel about Australians.  Hmm.  Wonder if Trump has any Oz in his bloodline?  He certainly behaves that way.  Maybe his Mum was Australian?  Where’s the outrage?  I’m starting a birther movement to force Trump to produce his birth certificate.