Monthly Archives: January 2021


I’m watching the climax of a historic day. The Senate are calling the roll on Ted Cruz’s objection to acceptance of the vote count. So far, only Cruz has voted Aye. I’m looking forward to the final count in the Senate.

Trump has sabotaged Cruz brilliantly … if accidentally. Cruz intended for today to be his; an opportunity to take command of the Republicans with a principled objection, for which he will be lauded by the mass of Trump supporters who will be solidly behind him when he assumes power as the next Presidential candidate for the Republican Party. Cruz is angling to challenge McConnell for control of the party. Trump is being marginalized as irrelevant.

Instead, Trump made it all about him, as is his wont, and crashed the party, in the process destroying Cruz’s plan. Now, Cruz looks like a lone whiner whose only supporters will forever be known as the thugs who crashed the Congress, incidentally killing one of their own. Nobody is coming out in support. McConnell, in contrast, made a stirring, patriotic speech that elevates him in the eyes of the entire country, Democrat and Republican alike.

Brilliant. I’m sure Cruz will be back to try it on again another day, but for now he looks like a craven opportunist. That’s the way we want it. Meanwhile, we’re back to obsessing about “what will Trump do next?”

Update: yeas 6, nos 92. Cruz is out there on his own.

A completely unexpected bipartisan win for civilization? This matters, a lot!

Huh. Progress! I like the further idea, that all things claimed as property must have someone publicly claim them.