Monthly Archives: October 2014

Basic Income + AI = Goodness

From entry # 51 on my reddit today: “Why We Should Give Free Money to Everyone”, a riff on the goodness of basic income.

From entry # 55, “2040’s America will be like 1840’s Britain, with robots?”, a despairing look at how AI will put us all out of work.

But: put the two ideas together, solution.  Automation makes the cost of making things lower, so more money generated.  Basic Income decouples the money you need to live from paid work.  We’re wealthy enough now to start a basic income scheme, and the cheaper things get to make the more our basic income provides.  Won’t be long ’til we’re all doing the Green Mars thing, working on what we’re good at and what interests us, and living on the shared wealth.  We’ve talked about this before on this blog.

Funny how those two complementary ideas ended up next to one another in my reddit feed.