Jad Abumrad: How Dolly Parton led me to an epiphany | TED Talk

Radiolab is, and has been for a while, a most interesting and challenging program.  I don’t listen to it regularly, but I’m usually sucked into it when I do.  Jad and his co-host, Robert Krollwich (sadly, he’s now retired from the show) created a new way of doing talk radio.

So, he does this TED talk, and it’s about how he sees what he’s done and what he needs to do.  And, typically, he’s rethought how to do TED talks from a guy wandering around on stage with slides to a video podcast that’s really absorbing and good at explaining what he’s saying while he says it.  And the point, which is a riff on the old Marxist thesis/antithesis/synthesis, is revealed as relevant to now, in a performance of exactly the point he’s making.

Worth a watch.  If you haven’t listened to Radiolab, try it out

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