Dear Governor Inslee

I just heard on the radio that you’d asked people to “self-quarantine” in the event that they exhibit symptoms of CoVid-19. I’d like to suggest that this is impractical for those of us who are not salaried, nor have paid sick leave included in their terms of employment.

If you’d like us to perform the service of not infecting our fellow citizens, perhaps you might urge the legislature to make cash grants to those of us who find themselves in this situation, so that we don’t compound the problem of contracting a life-threatening illness with that of going bankrupt.

Regards, etc.

Update: of course, within a week or so the state was gearing up to do exactly this. Strange times, but in a lot of respects things that used to be problems with government just … aren’t … any more. Our governor, our bureaucracy and our legislature is handling things exceptionally well, IMHO, so I apologize for the irritation in the above post. We’ve all moved past the finger-pointing to the what-can-I-help-with phase, which is great.

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