Bad UI design

Started Quicken this morning, and it

  • fired up a dialog saying “searching for updates”
  • fired up a second dialog upon completion, with the message “no updates found, you’re up-to-date, make sure you check frequently” and an “OK” button

This is the “normal” case: I’m going to check for you to see if something needs to be done. One would hope that, in the normal case where nothing needs to be done, no further information needs to be imparted and no further action required on the part of the user. It would all seamlessly happen behind the scenes, and a dialog would only be shown if the user needed something or needed to tell the system something. I suspect the “make sure you check frequently” was just added to the text as a rationalization for having the dialog box in the first place.

I don’t consider myself much of an expert on UI, but I know what I don’t like …
update: … and then it didn’t bother to open the program (!)

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