ContinuuMini and Ondes

Saw this on Create Digital Music feed the other day, but forgot to post it.

There are two pieces to it: first, Lippold Haken (didn’t he do that synthesis/analysis thing with tracking sine wave partials?) is an instrument builder now, and he has a beautiful ribbon controller-like thingie called a Continuum. He’s announced a smaller, more reasonably priced version, the ContinuuMini.

Then, there’s a really nice instrument builder, a luthier, who is building acoustic resonators for electronic music. The one I like is a small guitar-like body modeled after, and named for, the Ondes Martinot, in whose tradition this guy is steeped. He also makes a bigger floor-standing unit.

Check out the combination in this video:

Here’s the link to the resonator guy:

Here’s the ContinuuMini stuff:

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