MLS online

I just signed up with MLS online so I could watch my local team, the Seattle Sounders, squonk Vancouver tonight. The game is being broadcast on something called the NBC Sports Network, and I just get tv off the antenna on the roof, so I bit the bullet and plonked down money for the official online live streaming version. Goood, I thought, they’ve got a Roku channel, so I’ll just lean back and enjoy.

Turns out this game is blacked out. Nationally. Because NBC Sports say so. So the MLS won’t allow me to watch my local team on their streaming service, even after I pay them.

The customer service guy said the service was better for following out-of-area teams, so, for example, if I lived in Florida I’d be able to follow the Sounders, but its less possible if I live in the region. To which I responded, if I lived in Florida I’d probably be following a Florida team, wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t I want to follow my local team?

Fail. Refund. These guys are having a hell of a time figuring this newfangled Internet thing out. I’m off to watch European Champions League.

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