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A painful review of Amercian intervention in the middle east on the 15 th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. With deep analysis of the mechanisms we use to deflect from our responsibility for the damage we have caused.

An interesting confluence of the discussion around self-delusion in this and another show I listened to lately, also “On the Media”, about racism.  One of the commentators suggested that the traditional narrative, that racist ideology caused racist policy, was backward: that in a more realistic reading of history, the ideology was a post-facto justification for the policy, which directly benefited those who made the policy.

In “We, the Liberators”, there’s a suggestion of something similar at work in the invasion of Iraq.  The neocon ideological case, making the world safe for democracy, liberating the people from their oppressors, etc, was used to justify the action.  But maybe it was the invasion that was primary, with the ideology conveniently at hand to justify the action.

I think this is called rationalization when we apply it to individuals.  Perhaps “imperialism” when we apply it to cultures, or countries?  Wasn’t the Victorian Englishman convinced that, by dominating the foreigner, he was “civilizing” him, imparting a superior way of life?  And incidentally making himself rich and powerful in the process?

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