This is the time where we blow everything up

I’ve figured it out.  Brexit, Trump, #MeToo, …  it’s the year (five years?) of Fuck It.  Nothing was working, everything was grinding to a halt.  Everyone was proposing changes around the edges for longstanding problems that nobody was really addressing.  Gridlock.  Sand in the gears, no progress.  People tried the polite protest, but no go, no improvement.  Women still earning 70c on the male dollar.  Climate not being addressed.  Huge economic inequality, some people making out like bandits and most people going backwards.  Not to mention the Endless War of occupation for ill-defined and discredited principles that we can’t extract ourselves from.

So everyone collectively said: to hell with it, we’re going to blow it all up.  Everyone understands there’s a cost: women publicly exposing their hurt, despite the cost to their career or respect from the world, because it’ll finally cost the perpetrators more.  Republicans knowing that Trump’s a dangerous ass, but hoping he’ll destroy politics-as-usual.

So they did. No idea what’ll happen next.

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