Page One: Inside the New York Times

You ever see that great movie with Al Pacino, where he plays a low-end lawyer who takes on the big corporation?  I remember walking out of that movie as a teenager feeling really pumped up about serious, moral people doing good in the face of maybe irresistible pressure.

That’s what I felt like after watching this.  Fantastic documentary.  What makes the Times go, as an organization.  Admittedly, lots of footage of David Carr, who turns out to be hugely photogenic and quotable on camera, so that doesn’t hurt.

With all this miasma floating around about the death of fact, “fake news” (propaganda, why doesn’t anyone use the term of art?), limiting press access to the government, new media … the clear theme of the movie is: real journalism matters.

Watch Page One: Inside the New York Times Online at Hulu.

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