I was wrong

I thought the Trump presidency would never happen in America.  No-one I knew or knew of had any tolerance for the way he behaved.

I watched his entourage come out on stage last night, and I noticed how short his daughters/in-laws’ skirts were.  We’re not supposed to notice, but we do.  I expect most of the males in the audience did, too; I dunno.  I thought, angry: wait, he’s changed what can be said and done in public over the past year.  It’s expected now that white guys will look at people like his daughters and ogle them, like he does, and talk trash about them with other guys, like he does.  We’re not supposed to express our better natures now, we’re supposed to indulge all our craven, racist, misogynistic, primate-brain irrational male bullshit, because us old white guys just took back the republic.  We get to behave as badly as we want.  Maybe I’m supposed to ogle the President’s family.

So, OK, it’s going to be about individual responsibility now.  Trump behaves like the worst of us, and gets resounding approval from the bulk of the voting public.  The crap comes out of the caves, and I’m going to have to up my game.

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