The Feds and Climate

The courts have said: no sweeping regulation re: climate from the EPA. The Congress has said: no new money for climate-related projects.

There’s still an opening here. The Congress doesn’t just deal with budget matters, they pass laws. If the law doesn’t violate the Constitution, it’s in.

So: pass a law that embodies the regulation that the administration is not permitted to write off its own bat. For example: pass a law that sets the mileage standard for cars and trucks. No new money, not in violation of the constitution.

Oh. Such a law would not pass, because Republicans won’t vote for it. So, next order of business, flip the Senate or find a way to emancipate Repubs from the tyranny of having to do as they’re told against their better judgement.

I determined that federal action on climate wasn’t possible at the start of the last Republican administration, and switched focus to state law. We’ve done a lot here (WA, CA, OR, BC) in the last six years. It won’t be enough.

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