Headlines from the front page of the NYT as of tonight:

  • “Trump lashes out at his aides with calls to indict political rivals”, about Trump lambasting his cabinet, his AG, and anyone in shouting distance about not indicting Hilary Clinton for “the worst crimes in American history”; some think he’s gone off the deep end because of his steroid prescription following his Covid infection;
  • “Top Trump fundraiser charged in foreign influence case”, about a Trump ally wrapped up in a Malaysian embezzlement case;
  • “As partial NYC lockdown nears, confusion and anger rattle city”;
  • a map showing the US in bright red as a “leader” in the pandemic;
  • “Inside the People of Praise, Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s faith community”, about a looney religious organization of which our next Supreme Court justice is a member, with the designation “handmaid”;
  • “FBI says Michigan group plotted to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer”, and also take the state capital by force with concomitant loss of life.

This is all on one night’s headline page. If I had read this five years ago, I would have thought someone had created a Times mockup in very bad taste.

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