Congressional hearing

So, I went to C-SPAN to see Rep Schiff give what I had been told was a spirited and eloquent rebuttal to calls for his resignation as committee chair, without the distance imposed by the usual media suspects’ spin on the issue. I ended up watching for three hours absorbing the information being given by the panel around whom the session had been convened. This was a really expert group of people with intelligent and useful things to say about how Russia is working the world at large, and I learned quite a bit. I sent Rep Schiff email thanking him for convening the panel, and making the session public.

Prior to digging up the hearing, all I heard about it in the news media was the subplot about Republicans calling for Schiff’s resignation and his response. This was, in fact, a very small part of what I ultimately got from just watching the hearing myself.

Link to hearing video

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