American politics has never been normal, and now they never will | New Republic

A short history of politics in the US. TL;DR: the US has been here before. The civility of the period 1870-1970 is not where we are heading, we are going back to politics as war, and thinking that a Democratic majority in the Congress will return us to reasonableness is naive.

What replaces neoliberalism

Interesting fact-oid: the Bank of England says that, of the average 3-4% growth in GDP worldwide over the past 30 years, negative 0.2% can be attributed to technology. It’s all outsourcing (“new sources of labour”) and better education. Meanwhile, regression of the middle class has been masked by debt.

Time for a change

Let’s get going

Let’s focus on creating a vision of how we want to live, together. What all the elements of making that work need to be. How to get there from here. Let’s stop paying attention to the people that aren’t on board, and bring more people with us by outlining where we want to go and how to do it. Let’s ignore the troll king and his minons, and all the politics that surround them. Let’s stop agonizing over how we got this way. Let’s stop pining for a society that was, and take the one we have, figure out what will make it better, and go do that.


Dynamicland.  In Oakland, a whole building instrumented to read input and produce output.  Fill the building with people, paper, clay, tokens, … let them make things that the building sees and responds to.  Community computing.

But they’re thinking that this is the way computing will go forward into the world.  Carnegie-library-style institutions everywhere!